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In 1978, in Torbali County of Izmir, We have been begun to the sector by setting up The Granolith Factory. In 20 years, We have been proved ourselves by furnishing services to a lot of settling areas of Aegean Region of Turkey, such as Izmir, Aydın, Marmaris, Bodrum, Cesme, Soke, Kusadasi And Mugla. As from first half of 90's years, We have manufactured the marble with German Company, Lulay Marble, by coming into Marble Sector. As YILDAS Ltd. Company, after 1998, We have been got first step on the subject of institutionalization by new leaps. In 1998, Our Company have been already begun to furnish services in the Real-estate and Building Sector, by extending the scope of our activities.

During period that from past to present, despite of 1994-2000-2001 and 2008-Global Economic Crisises and their affects, YILDAS have been keep on steady growing up with secure steps by guarding its reputation and confidence of consumers. Righ now, YILDAS serves the expectation of its customers by the best way in the Business Sector such as Marble, Real-Estate, Engineering- Interior Design.

YILDAS is going to keep on serving by protecting customer satisfaction and quality of services,and by putting together its all experience with develoing knowledge technological innovations.

The Mission of YILDAS is to act by sense of social responsibility by accepting costumer satisfaction as a bright spot at all works and businesses since its founding. After that it is going to be the same.

YILDAS aims to supply the best services as their needs by determining the expectations of its customers. Our company's guarantee is to provide continuity of costumer satisfaction and consistency of supplied quality services.

YILDAS aims to supply the best services as their needs by determining the expectations of its customers.

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